What is Digital Marketing Ecosystem?

Digital marketing ecosystem refers building an integrated digital marketing effort, utilizing multiple channels and applicable content wherever make sense to maximize impact of digital attribution as a whole to the business bottomline, whatever your business objectives might be.

The number of channels to use, ways to engage and target, types of content that can be created and reached, number of metrics that can be measured, tools that can be used, are increasing every single day. It’ll only get more complex. Therefore, thinking “digital marketing” as a system itself is probably easier to start thinking strategically, and help to maneuver the complexity.

Every channel, tools, or ways to target has different implication to why and how you should use it. By thinking about building your own digital marketing ecosystem to help drive bottomline business objectives, you’re able to align yourself, for example, why on earth do you need a facebook group page? or should it be a fan page? or do you need an email, or a community instead?

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